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Cute, Unique, Affordable Valentines Giveaway Ideas for your loved ones!

Posted on January 29 2015

Oh how Auemay loves Valentines Day any day to spoil or get spoiled, what's not to love?

Valentines Day doesn't necessarily need to be about putting a hole in your wallet with over the top gifts--although it can be-- it's a friendly reminder to acknowledge and show your appreciation to the ones that matter the most to you. We tend to get so busy in our lives that we sometimes forget to make that special someone, great colleague, supportive friend or family member how much you appreciate them.

We've curated a list of unique and fun gift ideas for that person who matters to you.

    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Honestly, who doesn't love cash? Find more clever ways to give cash here

      Remember friendly necklaces or matching outfits when you were in elementary? They are still cool. Find perfect Valentines themed matchy matchy outfits with your besty here

          Whatever happened to traditional baking? The tradition is not dead, everyone loves sweets for Valentines day, or any day for that matter. Don't forget to write things you love about them! This link is to our favorite shortbread cookies

            How to make Bacon Roses for Vday, not everyone loves flowers. Here are step by step instructions:

              This is quick and easy. You have to get a bit creative! Posterboard chocolate bar storyline.

              Care packages are awesome ways to give a bunch of useful, creative and memory striking items to your loved one. It shows them you really pay attention to their likes and you cherish the memories you have together.

              Take advantage of useful and practical gifts, especially ones that your loved one will use and see everyday.

              Loved up sneakers. Take this idea and use it for any material item that you purchase for your loved one. It adds that extra added sentiment and cute factor.

                Photoshoots--especially ones where your flaunting your assets-- are always a sensual, intimate gift. They are a huge confidence booster and a tonne of fun to do. It's always nice to look down the road at these shots and remember how amazing you looked and felt. Trust us, your significant other will LOVE this gift. 

                Get custom designed and made home decor. You both can use this item everyday!

                Make them feel like it's their day to celebrate all that is amazing about them! Decorate the entire room with helium balloons, tie on printed photos of your memories together. Ravish the entire room with rose petals, candles and more.

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