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5 Things You Never Knew Apple Cider Vinegar Could Do!

Posted on February 04 2015

Here at Auemay we love discovering cool and fun tricks on how to re-style, re-vamp, and re-use all sorts of things! Apple cider vinegar is considered a health miracle by many, and is what we would like to spotlight this week. Here are some simple beauty hacks that can be done with this common household item!

 1) Acne be gone! Welcome clean and fresh looking skin! 

Instead of spending money on a expensive chemical filled toner, you can use apple cider vinegar to clean your skin! It is also known to prevent acne so that you can feel confident with blemish free skin!

2) Say Bye to dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Simply dab some ACV to your problem areas and hopefully you will achieve that desired colour constant skin you’ve always wanted!

3) Gentle wart and skin tag remover

To get rid of those pesky lumps and bumps, just dab on the tag or wart and cover with a Band-Aid. Repeat this process for a week and watch those puppies disappear! 

4) Refresh your hair by removing shampoo build-up

After every cycle of lather, rinse, and repeat, there is shampoo residue that is left behind. Rinse your hair with the trusty ACV to remove the build up, which as accumulated over the months. As an added bonus this process also prevents dandruff.

5) Detangle those Locks!

To manage your lovely locks brush through some ACV. This works especially well for thick dark hair.


For more hacks refer to: http://www.ogleschool.edu/blog/beauty-hacks/

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