St. Patty's Necessities According to Auemay!
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St. Patty's Necessities According to Auemay!

Posted on March 17 2015

From our closet:
Adorable skater dress with an open back; what more can you ask for? Oh wait; it’s vivid green and a complete showstopper!
 Wardrobe necessities:
If you want to show your St. patty’s spirit, but don’t want to go overboard, cargo pants are the perfect choice! Not only are they green and festive but also they are so adorable and incredibly wearable! Winter, fall, spring or even the cooler days in summer, skinny cargos are the best!
Favourite festive foods:
Green eggs and ham! Not only do you get to reminisce about your favorite childhood Dr. Seuss book but also you get a tasty breakfast! Although, admittedly not the nicest looking dish, you can still have satisfaction in the fact that you are eating GREEN EGGS AND HAM!
What to drink:
Grasshopper. First of all it is beautifully green, secondly, it tastes like a freaking milkshake!!
1 oz. Fresh Cream
1 oz. Crème de menthe
1 oz. Crème de cacao
Shake with ice and serve straight up!
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