Behind the Scenes Recap of Auemay Summer 2015 Lookbook Shoot, Day 1
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Behind the Scenes Recap of Auemay Summer 2015 Lookbook Shoot, Day 1

Posted on June 01 2015

On Monday, May 25, 2015 and Friday, May 29, 2015 Auemay shot it's Summer 2015 Lookbooks. In collaboration with a variety of interesting brands on Instagram, we proudly bring to you 4 different lookbooks. These lookbooks take place in a multitude of fun, unique locations in order to showcase Auemay's popular, on trend summer pieces.

At Auemay, we strongly believe in cross collaboration being key to mutual growth with local and global business communities. You are all in it to win it so why not help and have fun with one another along the way? We reached out to brands we've always admired and asked them if they would be interested in teaming up for our summer lookbook. It was encouraging and refreshing to receive such enthusiasm and dedication for this collaboration. 

Here is a short recap of events that took place leading up to and during the shoot! Please note, all participants are tagged via their Instagram handles. The images below are moments captured on Auemay's snapchat @shopauemay ; as well as, Auemay Team cellphone photos. The best photos are yet to come of course!

Monday, May 25, 2015 Day of Part 1 of the lookbook shoot:

After promoting our first model search contest on Instagram and Facebook we found two beautiful, talented and enthusiastic models to star in our shoot. The models ranged from no experience to a lot of experience in modelling and worked so well together and with the rest of the team. 

The team got ready @genevieve_studio with the talented Jenny doing hair for both beautiful models @vesa.s and @nalaniwakita with @ninasvanity doing their makeup flawlessly! The very glam and sweet @slmissglam set up a pretty pink display of lashes and makeup brushes, as well as brought the team some amazing brush sets to take home.

We then headed over to our first scene to meet our fun photographer @nomo.simplysweetphotography and the weather was bright with overcast which made for perfect shots! Our photographer specializes in natural outdoor lighting which produced the perfect photo aesthetic we were looking for.

With the seamless coordination and organization from team Auemay we were able to run a smooth day including setup of big, funky silver and gold mylar balloons from @efhamarandsienna! We had everything prepared and no rain or cloudy weather could stop us!

The outfits looked spectacular on our beautiful models. They were perfectly paired with jewellery pieces from @oliveandpiper and fortunately enough, although we had only planned to shoot in front of two scenes including pink and turquoise wall scenes we were able to sneak in a beautiful garden scene and a unique brick wall scene! Such a variety for our fabulous shoppers.

It was a fast paced day but luckily, with the site visit from @juicetruck the whole team was so happily well fed and refreshed. They dropped off more than enough delicious vegan salad rolls, fresh pressed juices and chocolates!

We wrapped the day up around 5pm just in time to miss the rain! Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and lots of laughs were had, great connections were made! 

Stayed tuned for a recap of Auemay Summer 2015 Lookbook Photoshoot, Day 2 from our guest live blogger which includes shooting in a remote, majestic field and lots of bug bites!

List of Collaborators <3

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories & Production: Auemay | @_auemay_ |
Photographer: Nomo Akisawa | @nomo.simplysweetphotography |
Hair Stylist: Genevieve Villabroza | @genevieve_studio |
Jewellery: Olive + Piper | @oliveandpiper |
Lashes & Makeup Brushes: SLmissglam | @slmissglam |
Makeup Artist: Nina Macapili | @ninasvanity
Models: Nalani Wakita | @nalaniwakita, Vesa Shuska | @vesa.s, Nina Macapili | @ninasvanity
Balloons: Efhamar & Seinna Shop | @efhamarandsiennashop |
Live Blogger: Sellina Tung | |
Food and Beverage: The Juice Truck | @juicetruck |
Production Assistants: @meilsndeals | @motonowblog

xoxo LOVE,

Team Auemay
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  • Bella: July 22, 2015

    I love how fun your photos are! I love your site. I am in the lower mainland, too.

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