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Top 5 Hot Beauty and Health Trends

Posted on November 14 2015

5. Nail Art
Cute and stylish designs on your nails for every occasion. Another way to express yourself and let your true colours show!
- Glass Nail Art

An amazing new style of nail are, which emerged from South Korea, where you cut out geometric pieces of reflective material so that your nails resemble gems or glass.
So glad about this trend! Living healthy and Happy is the way to go!
Here is a SUPER simple 3 ingredient juice-ipie!
2 big handfuls of spinach
1/4 cup of frozen mangoes
1/2 banana
This recepie is so simple and tastes sweet and banana-y!
3. Waist Training
All in efforts to obtain one's dream body, putting together the power combo of waist training and squats you'll get those kimmy k waist and hips in no time.
2. Defined Eyebrows
Who isn't obsessed with getting their eyebrows "on fleek" ? Pencil, powder, gel, whatever you choose to do just make sure to wear your brows proudly! Love this makeup by @ninasvanity
1. Contour and Highlighting
Here is the show stopper. Bronzer shelves are out of stock everywhere so that you can get the perfect defined jaw and cheekbones. Watching people transform and have fun with contouring is one of my favourite things to do!
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